Our Values

We work on our team values in team building training sessions, that all the club players take part in. These values are what we believe in, and work towards. We discuss them in most of our training sessions, so the list of our values keeps growing as we grow.

1. Teamwork is our most powerful value. We are one team that can’t be divided, united by common goals, victories and failures. We are not a group of individuals where everyone is out for himself. No player is more or less important than another, we are equal and every one of us is important, and each of us does his best for the team to win.

2. The path to success can be rocky and tough. We need to follow the route of hard work, dedication, resilience and mutual support. Blaming defeat on bad luck, or on the weather, on the pitch, or on the referee’s attitude, is not productive. We keep on working on ourselves instead - that is what we do.

3. The club expects each player to dedicate himself fully, be tenacious, and persevere. Those committed to our success have created unique conditions for us. If we don’t use this opportunity to become great footballers it’s unfair to those who’ve placed their faith in us. We acknowledge that and always try our best. Every training session is important to us.

4. A footballer must be versatile - successful off the pitch as well as on it. We support, encourage and stimulate academic excellence. Our teachers are our allies - they help us become smart, well-informed, self-aware and creative. Many of them are loyal fans too. We are grateful for their support.

5. A coach is an indisputable authority. We have the best trainers, we are absolutely sure of that. We value them for their experience, professionalism, kindness and commitment.

6. Our victories and achievements and thanks to lots of people: trainers, parents and fans. We appreciate their understanding, support, commitment, experience and time. We share our joys and sorrows with them. They are our world.

7. 'Phoenix' is an international team. Here, personal qualities are valued, and belonging to a particular nationality, culture and religion makes us richer. Our parents are friends, we spend our free time together, going to the cinema or a sports camp. We proudly wear the Phoenix colours.

8. Any honest defeat deserves respect. We would never make fun of an opponent. We remember our early games and how strongly we felt when people made fun of us. Since then, we have not only grown and matured as footballers, but also adopted the ethics of the game. Everyone has their own path to victory and each one is valuable.